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Banyan Bridge Group is a certified Express Offers™ partner. Powered by EXP Realty™, we partner with hundreds of cash buyers across the US. Through these partnerships, we're able to give you multiple options if you're looking to sell your home FAST.


Banyan Bridge Group & Express Offers™ is designed to give you fast, cash offers on your home.

Banyan Bridge Group & Express Offers™ makes selling your home easier.

Take the hassle out of selling your home.

Express Offers® is an online platform that easily connects individual home sellers with institutional buyers across the United States. 

It lets you, the seller, avoid the stress of traditional home sales.

Avoid costly repairs, cleaning, unexpected visitors and open houses and spend MORE time evaluating cash offers and finding your next home with Banyan Bridge Group’s EXPRESS OFFERS™ program.


Get access to Banyan Bridge Group & Express Offers’ network of institutional buyers and investors who are looking to make fast, cash offers on homes.  

Gain certainty about your future by inviting investors to make competitive cash offers on your home.


Once you’ve accepted a cash offer, you CONTROL when you move out – Express Offers™ typically allow for more control over move-out timing.

With Banyan Bridge Group & Express Offers™, you have more CONTROL over how fast you can sell your home and move to your next home.


  • You don’t have to clean your house.
  • You don’t have to stage your home for open houses or visitors.
  • You don’t have to do costly repairs.
  • You don’t have to wait on a buyer’s financing to come through.

Sell your house the fast and CONVENIENT way with Express Offers™ and Banyan Bridge Group.


Express Offers® is an online platform that easily connects individual home sellers with institutional buyers across the United States.

Banyan Bridge Group is a certified Express Offers™ partner and your best resource for selling your home fast.

With Banyan Bridge Group & Express Offers, you avoid the stress of traditional home sales. 

The repairs, cleaning, staging, showing, appointments and surprises have been replaced with a simple and straightforward process that can generate multiple cash offers and gives you more options and control.

Yes, Express Offers™ is an iBuyer program.

An iBuyer is known in the real estate industry as a real estate investment company that uses automated valuation techniques and models that help them identify, assess and purchase homes that meet its criteria.

When a iBuyer finds a home that meets its investment criteria, an iBuyer may provide a homeowner with written offers to purchase their home.

A homeowner is NOT obligated to accept an iBuyer’s offer.

If the homeowner does decide to accept an iBuyer’s offer, then the iBuyer and homeowner enter into a contract(purchase contract) for the sale of the home from homeowner to iBuyer.

Typically, an iBuyer does one of two things after they purchase a home.

The iBuyer may make improvements and repairs to the home and resell the home for a profit(also known as a “fix and flip”).

The other alternative is the iBuyer makes repairs and improvements, then rents the home out to tenants.

It’s common that an iBuyer purchases a home without ever stepping foot in the home to inspect its interior.

For the homeowners, this means they don’t have to clean, prep, stage or make repairs to the home in advance of selling their home.

Another benefit is timing and convenience.

An iBuyer will typically be more flexible coordinating the timing of a closing of their home – for the homeowner, this means they’ll have more control over when they move into their new home, when to schedule their move and manage all the other schedules(work, school, vacations, etc.).

Another big advantage of Express Offers™ is the speed to close.  It is typically far quicker than selling a home in other traditional ways.

Since an Express Offer™ with Banyan Bridge Group is an all-cash offer, the IBuyer and the current homeowner don’t have to wait for a buyer to get a loan approved.

In an Express Offer™, the home sale is made on an “as-is” basis.  The homeowner doesn’t have to make any improvements or complete any repairs to the home before the sale is completed.

Many homeowners find selling to an iBuyer and using the Express Offer™ program helps them minimize risks of uncertainty due to volatility in interest rates and the up and down real estate market.

It’s also a homeowner’s experience that when an iBuyer purchases their home, it’s less of a gut wrenching, emotional process.  Deals are less likely to fall through, financing is not part of the process and there is less “friction” in the process that adds to the uncertainty and emotional rollercoaster ride common with the traditional home selling process.

Here are some common reasons why people use Express Offers and other iBuyer programs.

  • A homeowner needs to relocate for their job.
  • A family member passes, and family members and/or an executor needs to sell the home as part of the liquidation process.
  • A homeowner values convenience and speed of selling their home with Express Offers™, versus waiting, negotiating and giving up control of the process using another method.

Express Offers™ gives a homeowner

  • Certainty
  • Convenience
  • Control

There is NO CHARGE for using Express Offers™ for the homeowner selling their home.

The institutional buyers pay a fee to use the Express Offers™ platform.  

The homeowner does NOT pay a transaction fee, nor is it passed along to you.  The iBuyer pays the transaction fee at closing.

By entering into our listing agreement or unrepresented seller form, you would be agreeing to pay a commission to us and Banyan Bridge Group.  

However, YOU WILL NOT PAY A FULL COMMISSION for the work of two agents(typical of a standard home sale).

Getting a fast cash offer for your house is as easy as 1-2-3.

Fill in the 4 question form HERE – EXPRESS OFFERS

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. Email address
  4. Your address

Receive your cash offers.

Eligible homes may receive multiple fast cash offers

Choose your closing date

If you accept a fast cash offer for your house, you get to choose your closing date that works for you.

Sell your home fast with Express offers

Get in touch to sell your home fast

Express Offers is a home-selling option for homeowners who’d like to skip the hassle and uncertainty of a traditional home sale.

Our platform connects sellers with institutional buyers who will make a competitive cash offer on homes with short turnaround.

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