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Generate listing leads – Circle Prospecting and door knocking strategies for Showami agents


As a Showami showing agent, you have a fantastic opportunity to make the most of your time in the field AFTER you’ve completed your Showami showings – once you’re done, go out and generate listing leads in the neighborhood!

The best thing about being a Showami showing agent is you are getting paid to run showings for other agents

How good is that?!?!

The catch is you don’t get paid a commission if the buyer purchases the home and you can’t approach the seller and solicit them for their listing. That’s against the rules.

BUT that doesn’t mean AFTER you’ve created an awesome showing experience for the buyers, locked up the door and said goodbye, that you have to go straight home and wait for your Showami payment to hit your bank account.

You’ve already gotten dressed up, drove to the neighborhood, toured a home for sale you’ve got time to spare and need to generate some business.

This is where Circle Prospecting comes in handy. 

In this post, we’ll discuss Circle Prospecting, door knocking strategies, and effective tips for Showami agents to generate listing leads AFTER they’ve completed their showing and said goodby to the buyers.

What Is Circle Prospecting?

Generate Listing Leads - Circle prospecting and door knocking strategies for Showami agents

Generate listing leads with Circle Prospecting techniques

Circle prospecting is a lead-generation strategy that focuses on outreach to homeowners in a designated area, building out a small micro-market with a direct interest in the value of the home you just showed. 

That is, the to be determined sale price of the home you just showed.

In the context of a Showami agent, Circle Prospecting involves door knocking around the home you just showed, informing homeowners about the showing, and asking if they might be interested in selling their home.


As a Showami agent, if you door-knock and speak with a neighbor or homeowner, DO NOT SAY you just completed a showing for “Your buyer” or “Your listing”.  

Do not misrepresent your relationship with the buyer, the listing agent or the property.

A safe thing to say is you “just finished with a listing.”  No more, no less.

Be honest and do not violate your terms of agreements as a Showami agent, which are included here.

You can get in a lot of trouble, both with your sponsoring broker and your association.  

Generate Listing Leads - Circle prospecting and door knocking strategies for Showami agents

Tips for using Circle Prospecting to generate listing leads as a showing agent

When practicing Circle Prospecting and speaking with neighbors in the neighborhood, keep the following things in mind

Don’t make your circle too large when you prospect a neighborhood

Limit your effort to 25 homes or as many as your time allows. 

The further you attempt to generate listing leads from the home you just showed, the less the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is relevant. 

Focus on homeowners with similar homes and a vested financial interest in your listing.

Use a Circle Prospecting script

“Hello, sorry to bother you.

My name is Chris and I just showed the house down the street for a potential buyer. 

Would you happen to know anyone else in the neighborhood considering selling their home or at least getting an idea of how much their home is worth?”

Utilizing Circle Prospecting as a Showami Agent

The aim of Circle Prospecting for Showami agents is not merely to secure new listings after you’ve completed your showing and said goodbye to the buyers and locked up the door.

Instead, it is to present yourself as a professional with financially relevant information for other homeowners in the neighborhood, thus establishing a long-term relationship.

You want to position yourself as the first person homeowners think of when they consider selling their homes, regardless of whether that decision is made a week or a year from now.

While asking for business is always a priority, your work is not done if the homeowner is not prepared to buy or sell anytime soon.

If a neighbor down the street offers their contact information, such as their phone number or email address, to stay up-to-date with the latest status of neighboring houses or to request a comparative market analysis (CMA), consider it a positive outcome.

By undertaking real estate circle prospecting, you can achieve numerous objectives.

Since you’ve just completed a showing, a Showami showing agent now has “social proof” that someone has entrusted you to show a house, which can enhance your credibility.

By calling surrounding homeowners and informing them of a new listing or recent sale in their area, you demonstrate your ability to carry out your duties.

Circle prospecting is an exceptional means of generating new business, regardless of your lead generation plan.

As a Showami agent, you have a unique opportunity to get paid for showings and even more impressively, to get compensated for lead generation activities.

Just remember not to spoil the privilege of being a Showami agent – don’t solicit the buyers, don’t solicit the homeowner and don’t say that the buyer or the listing is yours.

Generate listing leads

Aside from that, good luck with generating business after your showing day is done!

In today’s competitive real estate industry, it is essential to utilize all available tools to gain an edge.

By implementing the above tips, utilizing effective scripts, and maintaining the right attitude, you can ensure that circle prospecting will be a valuable use of your time.

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