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We’re going to give you lots of reasons to join LoKation Real Estate, a top independent real estate company with no cap, 100% commission for agents, a luxury real estate division, leading edge real estate marketing and lead generation, plus real-live support and on demand training for yourself and your agents.

LoKation Real Estate is a 100% commission real estate broker, but it’s much different than what most real estate agents are accustomed to in terms of training, support, office availability and special value-add programs like the Luxury Division.

We’ll give you all that detail below, plus point out differences between LoKation Real Estate and franchise brokers, virtual online brokerage firms and other options new and experienced agents and teams have when joining a broker.

Nothing gets real estate agents worked up like discussions about their commission splits.

Except at LoKation Real Estate.

That’s because LoKation Real Estate agents receive 100% of their commission.

Not 80/20 up to $16,000. Not 90/10. 

100%. Always.

No splits. No caps.

In many real estate brokerages, like a traditional brick and mortar real estate company like Keller Williams, the broker pay their agents a percentage of the total commission from their deal, with the remainder of the commission going to the franchise owner, corporate headquarters and who knows who else.

Not at LoKation.


LoKation Real Estate pays its agents 100% commission from each deal they close. 

If a LoKation agent sells a home at $400,000 at 3% commission, the commission earned by that agent is $12,000.

LoKation does not take a percentage of that commission.

In a traditional brokerage with a 70/30 or 80/20 split, that’s not the case. 

The broker might keep anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 of that commission for itself.

LoKation takes its cut via a flat amount as a transaction fee – $99 per sale or $495 per sale depending on the plan each agent selects, which is dependent on an agent’s production level and historical success. 

It’s the agent’s choice which plan to select.

For experienced agents with a track record of success, LoKation agents typically choose the BLUE PLAN, which is $99 per month and $99 per transaction, plus $35 per quarter compliance fee.

For new agents, part-time agents or real estate agents that expect or have fluctuating or inconsistent production levels, they will tend to choose the SILVER PLAN, which is $99 per year, $495 per transaction and a $35 per quarter compliance fee.

Agents can switch to the BLUE PLAN when it’s in THEIR best interest to do so – make more than 1 sale per month and the commission you keep will be dramatically more than with other real estate firms.

It works the other way as well – if you need to reduce your monthly expenses as a real estate agent, you can change to the SILVER PLAN, reduce your monthly expenses and only pay a flat fee when you’ve made a sale.

This 100% commission model is extremely beneficial for agents in a volatile or uncertain real estate market, especially the SILVER PLAN.

LoKation Real Estate does not charge any administrative fees.

LoKation Real Estate does not charge a technology fee.

Similar terminology that is used to describe the 100% commission business model that LoKation Real Estate employers are flat fee broker and transaction fee broker.

Flat Fee Brokerage

A flat fee brokerage refers to the fact that the brokerage charges agents a flat fee per transaction, rather than taking a percentage of the commission.

In this model, agents typically retain the entire commission from their transactions, minus the flat fee paid to the brokerage for their services and support.

Transaction Fee Brokerage

Another term that is sometimes used to describe a 100% commission real estate brokerage is a “transaction fee brokerage.” 

This term also emphasizes the fact that the brokerage charges agents a fee per transaction instead of taking a percentage of their commission. 

While the fee structures may vary, the underlying concept remains the same.  Agents retain most or all of their commission and pay a pre-determined fee to the brokerage for each transaction they complete.


LoKation Real Estate corporate headquarters are in Pompano Beach, Florida.

LoKation is licensed as a real estate brokerage and agents can do business as a LoKation agent in Florida, Colorado, Texas, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, with other states coming online in the near future.

Most 100% commission real estate companies do not have offices where agents can take their clients, work quietly or have a separate place to conduct business as an agent. 

In Florida, LoKation has more than 15 brick and mortar offices for use by its agents.

In Colorado, Texas, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina also has offices where agents can work outside their home, meet with clients, network or host meetings if they choose to.

This is another way LoKation Real Estate differentiates itself as an agent-centric real estate brokerage.


For new and experienced agents, LoKation Real Estate provides training on demand across all the different areas that a real estate agent needs to be successful.

For new agents and agents new to LoKation, the Agent Kickstart Course is the perfect starting point to orient yourself with LoKation systems and start making headway with buyers and sellers.

Live training is available weekly from brokers on a wide variety of training topics, plus LoKation’s technology, lead generation and marketing partners host live webinars for agents.

Most of these webinars and training events are recorded and are located in the Training Library, which has pre-recorded, evergreen training content exclusively for LoKation agents.


The agent support staff at LoKation headquarters, as well as each state’s Broker, is available to answer agent questions and provide training.

The biggest complaints with virtual real estate brokerages is agents can’t get someone at headquarters on the phone to help them, or are forced into a support portal that’s more like an endless maze to navigate.

LoKation’s support staff makes it a point to be accessible, plus LoKation’s leadership team continually looks at structuring its communication channels with agents in a way that’s efficient and intuitive.

LoKation® Real Estate agent support positive comments in private Facebook Group. Part of the reason why agents join LoKation is because of agent support.


In March of 2023, LoKation Real Estate announced the launch of its Luxury Real Estate division, which is a value-add service designed to elevate real estate agents as experts to the high net worth(HNWI) real estate market.

Experienced agents and teams looking to make a splash in the luxury real estate niche can enroll in the Luxury Real Estate program at LoKation, which gives them access to distinct, customized marketing programs and a synchronized luxury brand persona to utilize for luxury real estate listing at $1 million or more.


For licensed agents, LoKation can help with immediate transfer of your license from your current brokerage. 

LoKation has made the transfer process simple.

If you have questions before joining, we’re happy to help and can assist with getting you in touch with the right people at headquarters. 

Just fill out the form below and we’ll connect as you request.


Don’t let your part-time status hold you back from achieving the success you deserve in the world of real estate.

It’s time to take charge of your real estate  career and unlock your full potential with Lokation Real Estate.

Embrace the flexibility and convenience of our extensive on demand training library, expert advice, and practical resources tailored to fit your busy schedule.

Start your journey to becoming a top-performing real estate agent today and watch your career soar.