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LoKation Real Estate adds 118 agents in January

LoKation Real Estate agents | Januuary 2023

LoKation Real Estate added 118 real estate agents to its independent real estate brokerage platform in January, 2023, despite the real estate industry being caught in the middle of macroeconomic headwinds impacting home prices, interest rates and buyer indecision.

Realtors that are part of the LoKation family enjoy lower transaction costs and lower capital expenses, which allows individual agents and teams to keep more of their commission on real estate sales.

LoKation Real Estate was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Pompano Beach, FL.

In that short time, LoKation has risen to be ranked #23 of all independent brokerages(Real Trends Top 500 Brokerages 2022) and has recently begun expanding into other states, including Colorado, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas and Alabama.

LoKation differentiates itself as an alternative to full-service real estate companies like Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker or Compass because it does not charge franchise fees to agents or brokers wishing to leverage the brand name. LoKation’s transaction fee is either $99 or $495 for each sale the agent makes.

This flat fee brokerage model, or 100% commission brokerage model, is a boon for real estate agents who’ve moved from a capped 80/20 or capped 90/10 real estate commission model.

LoKation is a broker with no desk fees, no franchise royalty payments, doesn’t restrict its agents and brokers to specific geographic areas or require multi-year franchise agreements.

On the other end of the spectrum, LoKation has differentiated itself from other disruptive “ virtual ” real estate companies like EXP Realty by actually delivering on its promise to provide a high-touch, centralized, personalized agent-friendly service model.

These are the main reasons Banyan Bridge Group has joined forces with LoKation Real Estate.

Regardless of economic shifts or changes to how home buyers and sellers make their decisions, our partner LoKation Real Estate acts as an extension of our business in Northwest Florida.

Eliminating franchise fees and embedding real estate adjacent services like title insurance, renter insurance, property insurance and mortgage lending, LoKation allows its agents, team leaders and end customers the ability to find all of its real estate transaction solutions under one roof.

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