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Your abuela and making the most of what you have


Ever wonder how your abuela could stretch a meal to feed the whole family for months?

Remember when she would come home from the butcher, arms full of bags, ready to do her magic and transform it all into a month’s worth of meals that still make your mouth water today?

That roast she would make, slow-cooking it to perfection. All the smells….

Abuela and making the most of what you have article at Banyan Bridge Group photo courtesy of author in title line

The ribs would be a big Sunday meal.

As a kid, you’d think the leftover bones and fat in the kitchen were headed for the trash but no.

That broth, with the vegetables and the leftover fat and a couple day’s soak fed the family for weeks.

Abuela and making the most of what you have article at Banyan Bridge Group photo courtesy of author in title line

And remember the canning?

She’d spend hours canning vegetables and fruits.

She’d freeze meals, anticipating this day or that, this get together or this elderly friend who couldn’t cook for herself down the street.

She never let anyone think they were getting the same meal twice.

Abuela and making the most of what you have article at Banyan Bridge Group photo courtesy of author in title line

Just like our beloved abuela, real estate agents face a similar challenge: turning limited resources into maximum results.

With a tight marketing budget, a small database, and big money goals, agents must make the most of their day, squeezing every last drop of potential from their time and resources.

Abuela’s resourcefulness when it came to feeding you and those around her is the perfect metaphor for maximizing your success as a real estate agent.

Think about her, or your Mom, or someone who makes the most out of every minute today as you head into the weekend.

Use those thoughts to work more with less, maximize your time and effort and squeeze one more thing out of your day that helps you, someone else and someone in need, just like our abuela.

With smart planning and effective techniques, you can turn your limited resources into a bounty of leads, listings, and sales.

This week, I’ve written about how to maximize your time in the field and real estate canvassing techniques that will help you get the most out of your available time.

Just like abuela feeding and loving everyone around her, your resourcefulness can turn even the smallest opportunities into a successful real estate weekend.

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